Brake Lines for Street / Sport / Racing Motorcycles

Looking for brake line installation instructions for your brand of motorcycle? 

Galfer Steel-Braided Brake Lines

  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Instructions for most applications
  • ABS and integrated brake systems available
  • Full-time brake line technician on staff available for support
  • Virgin PTFE
  • 64 lines of steel braid
  • Pre-positioned banjos for easy installation, although adjustable as needed by hand
  • DOT (FMVSS 106 and ISO 3996) kits available
  • 11 line colors available
  • Banjo fittings available in black, silver, gold, red and blue colors

Galfer’s standard brake line kits are anything but standard. We start off by using high quality machined banjo fittings and bolts. Our PVC coated brake hoses come in 11 different colors (see below) to suit anyone’s style. Kits are bike specific and are tailored to each bike for perfect fit and finish. Unlike many other manufacturers, we pre-position our banjo fittings for an out-of-the-box fit. But, if you need to fine-tune them, you can adjust their position.

Most of our brake line kits come with labels on the lines to help guide you on which end goes where, something not found with any other manufacturer today. We also offer a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defects. You can call us and speak with one of you techs if you need assistance with your install or simply just have a question or two.

Custom Brake Lines

Custom Brake Line Colors:

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Clear
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Smoke
  • NEW – Gold
  • Platinum
  • Yellow (not shown)

Download the Custom Brake Line Order Form (PDF)

Superlight Series Brake Lines

Galfers Superlight brake line kits feature aluminum banjo fittings and bolts for color customizing and reduced weight. These brake line kits are available in all 11 of our stainless steel line colors and fittings are available in red, blue or black. Matching bolts are included and can be mixed or matched for your own unique combination!

Superbike Series Brake Line Kit

Galfer’s Superbike Series brake line kits offer what we’ve provided to most AMA pro teams for years: direct thread-into-the-caliper brake lines. Most of these kits feature 2 lines off of the master cylinder, and come complete with hardware, adapters, crush washers and bike-specific installation instructions. This is the line kit that will give you -2 (tight lever) feel, but with -3 (modulation) volume. Designed for closed-circuit racing due to its aggressive and powerful response. Installation should be performed by a qualified motorcycle technician. Superbike fittings and adapters come in gold color only. Lifetime warranty.

GP Series Brake Lines

Galfer’s GP Series Brake line kits offer compact mounting by having one line coming off the master cylinder, and then splitting into two lines at the lower triple clamp. Lower brake lines will route in front of the forks just like the brake lines we make for GP teams. Our standard GP Series brake line kit comes in clear hose, with blue aluminum banjo fittings and red aluminum bolts. You can custom order these brake lines in any of our color combinations from your favorite Galfer dealer. Kits come complete with labeled hoses, lower triple-clamp brake line brackets, new bolts, crush washers and bike-specific instructions!

K7 Universal Brake Line Kits

New Universal line kits by Galfer features a brake line of pre-determined length with two female ends and endless possibilities in fitting settings. Designed for a shop to lower its inventory costs by stocking a variety of fittings and hose lengths that can be combined for endless possibilities. From a straight to a 90-degree banjo or a three-way hose fitting line, you are covered.

DOT Brake Line Kits

Although providing no mechanical advantage on a motorcycle brake system, some countries require this extra automotive certification. Most of Galfer’s brake line kits are available as DOT brake line kits upon request. These kits feature regular Galfer bolts, fittings and washers with an extra plastic boot at each end of the line, certified to FMVSS 106 and ISO 3996 standards. Like our standard line kits, Galfer DOT option carries a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Kits come complete with new banjo bolts and crush washers for a complete installation.

Galfer Super DOT 4 Brake Fluid

High performance brake fluid for all hydraulic disc and drum brakes.


  • Extremely high boiling point of 265º C / 509º F.
  • Mixable with brake fluids with the same specifications.
  • Great for race or leisure riding.


  • Keep closed and in original container only.
  • Flush brake fluid once a year if you are not racing. If you are racing flush brake fluid at least 4 times a year.