Why Use a Brake Reservoir Wristband?

by Galfer USA on January 19, 2011

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Have you ever wondered why some people might have a wristband around their brake reservoir?

Originally the idea was introduced by race mechanics back in the 1980’s. Back then many racers would develop a slight leak on the bikes reservoir due to extreme frontend vibrations, or by overfilling the reservoir and not compensating for the fluid to heat up. When this happens, brake fluid will drip off of the reservoir and onto your bike causing paint damage. It can also get onto your visor causing a visual problem and in a race situation this could be a serious situation. By simply having a wristband wrapped around your reservoir secures the fluid, preventing the leak by soaking it up.

The wristband actually serves multiple purposes and can slightly prolong your brake fluid by protecting it from the sun, humidity and weather changes. For some none of this matters and it’s about looks. A wristband that matches your bike or gear could be the finishing touch to the color highlights of your motorcycle.

If you’re interested in a GALFER wristband they are always in stock at your nearest Cycle Gear store.

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