Floating Rotors

by Galfer USA on January 27, 2011

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Do you know if your rotors are floating? What exactly is a floating brake rotor?

A floating rotor will have two main components making up the system, the “blade” and “carrier”. The carrier is what bolts onto the wheel and the blade follows or tracks the brake pad/calipers movements. Keeping the two separate are the “buttons”. Having two separate sections of the rotor helps to keep heat generated in the blade off of the carrier. By keeping the carrier cool you are less likely to have any flex, giving you more feel and braking predictability under extreme braking conditions. A floating rotor also allows for much more contact surface between the blade and brake pads since the blade itself follows the path of the pads correcting any imperfection either may have.

Most OEM’s consider their rotors floating by definition of a “two piece” system. However, a true floating rotor has much more “play” than the OEM fit rotors. Without movement or play between the carrier and the blades would suggest, you really don’t have a floating rotors.

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