Storz Performance: Vintage Style, Modern Technology

by Beth Dolgner on March 1, 2012

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Steve Storz knows about style and performance, and he knows how to make the two things blend flawlessly to create custom motorcycles. His latest masterpiece, the Storz SP1200RR café racer, features Galfer wave rotors and a long list of custom parts.

The Storz SP1200RR started life as a 2007 Harley Sportster 883. Storz built the bike to showcase parts available through his shop, Storz Performance. He chose to turn the Sportster into a café racer because, he says, “We wanted to do a variation on our flat track bikes. One of the things that came to mind was a café racer because it’s become more popular in recent years. I wanted to do an updated version based on the Sportster.”

Yes, you read that right: flat track bikes. Storz got his start as a Harley-Davidson factory racing mechanic. In the 1970s, his world revolved around making Harley flat trackers go faster than the competition. When he started Storz Performance in 1980, that dedication to performance branched out to building street bikes.

“We’re known for the Harley racing image because of my background. In 1990 we made a conversion kit to make the Sportster look like a flat track racer. Our frame of reference has been racing-quality, competition-type accessories for street bikes,” Storz says.

In addition to the Galfer floating wave brake rotors, the Storz SP1200RR includes a hand-built aluminum gas tank, a roadracing-style tail, custom Saddlemen seat pads, Driven clip-ons, Storz/Ceriani inverted fork tubes and steering damper, Ohlins rear suspension, a BUB/Storz exhaust, Performance Machine air cleaner and hand controls, Storz rearsets, Barnett custom cables, and a custom paint job by Vintage Restorations.

Put together, you’re looking at a very modern café racer that is already turning a lot of heads. “Reactions have been really good,” Storz says. “There are images of the bike posted all over the world. I’m really happy that people like it. It’s been well received.”

Utilizing Galfer wave rotors was an easy choice for Storz, who has been using Galfer brake components for a long time. “They’re unique and we really liked them. They’re lightweight, have a nice design, and they’re affordable,” says Storz of the wave rotors. “When Galfer came out with their wave rotor, I thought it would look perfect on this bike.”

Storz adds that customers who want their Sportsters to look this perfect can get the entire café racer kit from Storz Performance. Some customers, he says, prefer the do-it-yourself approach, while others drop off their bike and let Storz handle the build.

Whichever approach customers prefer, Storz emphasizes the value of the Galfer brakes, whether they’re loaning their stopping power to a café racer or any other motorcycle. “We like doing business with Galfer and really value that relationship and the quality of their stuff. We don’t sell any junk: everything we sell is top of the line stuff. What we get from Galfer reflects that,” Storz says.

Thanks, Steve. It’s nice doing business with you, too. Now, can we borrow the SP1200RR for a little test ride? We promise to bring it right back!

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