Galfer USA is proud to offer a wide range of brake pads for bicycle and e-bikes. We produce several different brake pad compounds for all types of riding styles and uses. With over 60 years of friction material production and research, we have learned that one compound doesn’t always do the trick across the board. If you are just looking for an OEM brake pad replacement or a high performance race brake pad, we have you covered!

If it is your first day on two wheels or you are an old pro, Galfer Usa has the right pad for your riding.

Standard Performance Pad Compound (1053) – Bicycle

The Standard Performance Bicycle compound is a moderate-use pad with a similar feel to an OEM brake pad but with strong durability and a better intial bite. Great in most riding conditions. Recommended for light trail, road, gravel and city riding.

PRO Pad Compound (1554) – Bicycle

The PRO Compound is one of our most aggressive bicycle brake pads. Often used for races,  it has an immense amount of braking power, will withstand mud and dirt, and has a high resistance to fade. Low modulation and a ton of bite. Recommend for race use, enduro, downhill or for a riders looking for the most aggressive pad out there. 


E-Bike Pad Compound (1652) – Bicycle

The E-Bike compound was formulated to deal with the unique needs of E-Bikes. Designed to handle the higher speeds, higher heats and heavier weights associated with E-Bikes. Think motorcycle pad on a bicycle. Perfect for pedal assist or full throttle E-Bikes. Recommended for enduro, downhill, all E-Bikes and riders looking to have pads last forever. 


Road Pad Compound – (1455)

The Road compound specifically developed to offer the best performance on the road and under all weather conditions. Lightweight while still offering performance braking. Recommended for road, gravel, track or weekend warriors going for that yellow jersey.