More than 20 years ago the legendary Wave® Rotor hit the market. A lot has changed in the past 20 years, motorcycles have gotten bigger and more powerful than ever before! Some time ago, the engineering team was handed a massive task. Start from a clean sheet, then design and make the most efficient rotor possible. The CUBIQ® is what they created.

The CUBIQ® all started with advanced computer simulation software exploring what the optimal parameters for maximum thermal convection are while still reducing overall mass. Simulation after simulation, lessons were learned and applied to the next prototype. Once they had a winning simulation it was time to make it real. Galfer only laser cuts our rotors to ensure exact precision, and because stamping effectively tears the steel. Putting massive stress on the edges of the cuts that weaken the steel.

As we only laser cut our rotors, they can jump from computer model to physical prototype extremely quickly. It takes state of the art equipment to produce truly state of the art products. The dyno at Galfer can simulate braking conditions for any major racetrack in the world. Everything and anything that could affect braking performance is simulated on the dyno and the engineering team gets a treasure trove of data to analyze. Once the prototype was produced it was taken to the dyno tester. The actual rotor EXCEEDED the performance from computer models. It was such a wonderful result that we knew at that moment that it was the future of braking technology.

As a real-world proof of conceptual success, 10 World Supersport race bikes were outfitted with CUBIQ® Rotors and competed in a 3-hour endurance race. Once again, the rotors exceeded expectations. You might be reading this while you have a 900lb Harley in your garage, thinking “That is a sport bike on a racetrack, what about a real bike in the real world!?!” Engine types and modifications, frame construction, suspension, ergonomics, are all things that do not transition easily from the track to the street. Braking systems do transition very easily.

Braking components are dominated by physics. How can you make a rotor dissipate the kinetic energy of the motorcycle quickly as possible? You turn that kinetic energy into thermal energy. This is the same for a razors edge racing bike or your continental cruiser. The challenge is not turning kinetic energy into thermal energy, the challenge is dissipating the thermal energy as fast as possible. The CUBIQ® is a master’s class in heat dissipation. It is the best heat dissipating rotor we have ever created; we have increased the cooling surface with an optimized friction surface resulting in the highest friction surface to weight ratio we have ever produced.

The CUBIQ® rotor is up to 40% lighter than a round rotor. Decreasing the unsprung rotational mass will decrease the gyroscopic effect on your wheels allowing for increased maneuverability. Reducing the rotational mass will help maximize the overall performance of your machine. The friction surface has been designed to maintain a constant amount of contact with the brake pad. That means that you will have consistent, predictable, and progressive braking. Unlike other rotors as the pad slides across the rotor it gains and loses contact at a one-to-one rate.

As with the Wave® rotor in the past the rotor’s distinctive appearance is a product of function. We do not design our rotors to be stylish, we design them to be as functional as possible keeping performance as the main goal. Even the name of the rotors is inspired by the name of the molecular crystalline structure of the steel the rotors are made of.

The CUBIQ® Rotor is the newest, most advanced, technologically superior rotor we offer. This rotor has the most usable friction surface for the least amount of weight of any rotor from us. The CUBIQ® is up to 40% lighter than a traditional round rotor. The reduction in rotational mass allows for quicker acceleration, deceleration, and turn in. A critical design element is maintaining as much friction surface contact as possible while still having an incredible amount of heat dissipation. The hexagonal shape allows the pad to have a constant pressure with a constant amount of contact as the rotor spins. The CUBIQ® Rotor is the future of braking technology brought to you by Galfer USA.

Jan 11, 2021 | Cubiq