GALFER GIRL: drag racer Alisha Malone

Alisha, could you tell me how you got involved with motorcycles and racing?

I began riding motorcycles in 2013 when one of my friends got me into it. A few months later I entered the stunt bike scene where I stayed for quite some time. In 2017 my husband got me into drag racing which is something that he had been doing for many years prior. I’ve been in love with it ever since!

What made you choose drag racing over other kinds of racing?

I tossed the idea around of road racing before I got into drag racing. I took the time to explore events in both areas and drag racing just happened to appeal to me more.

Could you tell us a little about your bike? What brand/make/model, what kind of Galfer products do you use?

I have an all motor (naturally aspirated) 05/06 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 with an 07/08 motor built by SRW Precision Race Engines out of Connecticut. My bike is compliant with the XDA Real Street rules which is the series and pro class that I compete in. I will be running the front and rear Galfer wave rotors on my bike in 2019 in efforts of replacing the stock rotors and saving some weight. Galfer has a great reputation in the drag racing industry and their products are true and tested. We only want to put the best of the best on my bike and Galfer definitely meets our standard.  

What is it like being a female in a predominantly male sport?

I think it’s awesome. I’m hoping that other women can see what I am doing and be inspired by it one way or another. If you have the passion and determination to race, that’s all that matters. Gender doesn’t coincide with ability or talent, in my opinion.

What advice do you have to other girls who may be interested in racing?

Go at your own pace and be proud of your accomplishments, even if they are slow and steady. Strive for progress and you will eventually achieve perfection, even if it takes awhile. Most of all, have fun and be safe out there!

What plans and goals do you have for 2019?

I’ll be coming back out in Real Street with a lot of new upgrades on my bike. We plan on achieving my first 7 second pass and keeping a competitive momentum throughout the year.

How was your 2018 season?

Awesome. I couldn’t have asked for a better first season in Real Street. I started drag racing 2 short years ago and never would have imagined making the strides that I’ve made thus far. I finished off the 2018 season running an 8.01 at 167 mph and it’s only going to get better from here.

What have been your career highlights or accomplishments?

My first season of drag racing I went an 8.69 on a stock size GSX-R1000 motor, 65 inch wheelbase, full bodywork and a hand clutch. In 2018 I became the first woman to enter Real Street and ran some pretty decent numbers as a new rookie to the class and the sport in general.

What is your favorite part about racing or riding?

Being able to race with my husband. It’s something that we both enjoy doing and I’m very grateful to have his support in all of my racing endeavors.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

First and foremost, my husband, Ian for all that he does on and off the track to make racing possible for me. My sponsors and supporters – Galfer USA (of course!) AFM Racing, SRW Precision Race Engines, APE Raceparts, Worldwide Bearings, DME Racing, Vortex EK, Brock’s Performance, Adrenaline Cycle, Shinko Tires, NGK Spark Plugs, CP-Carillo and Vanson Leathers.

Mar 7, 2019 | Galfer Athletes