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JCR HONDA: Bollinger on the box at Snowshoe

GalferUSA supported GNCC racing team JCR Honda reports in from a weekend at Snowshoe.


The Snowshoe GNCC is always a favorite stop on the GNCC circuit, known for the uniqueness of its location on a mountain resort. The Offroad ATV and Motorcycle community takes over this alpine village for one extraordinary weekend of racing each year. The start is held in a traditional Grand Prix setting, with the racers lined up in rows 5 wide starting every 20 seconds. The track is equally unique with an East and West loop, each loop scored independently, with a total mileage for both loops at approximately 20 miles. The weather is always unpredictable and it is common to have rain, fog, sun all in the same race. The terrain is the toughest on the GNCC tour with large elevation changes, mud bogs, off chamber slippery trail littered with bike swallowing holes and boulders.

Trevor Bollinger rocketed off to a great holeshot as the rain began to pour heavily from the get-go. Trevor battled the top racers the first 20-mile lap, coming through the Pro Pits at an hour straight up. Trevor stopped for goggles and a quick note that he was having rear brake issues. Instructions were made to change the rear wheel and pads at the next stop. Eric Siraton did a remarkable job of a wheel swap and pad change losing minimal time. But it did drop Trevor several positions in the process. Down but not out, Trevor charged hard racing forward in the sloppy conditions, passing his competitors one by one. By the 2hr mark, Trevor was running 4th OA and continuing his charge toward the front. Going out on the last lap he ran down every racer except the physical leader and chipped into his margin by less than a minute on adjusted time, coming across the line physically second overall and narrowingly missing 2nd place by 3 only seconds after adjusted time! Trevor took 3rd overall for the day and his third podium for the series.

“The mental and physical effort it takes to race Snowshoe at the podium level cannot be overstated and Trevor Bollinger’s GRIT and desire to win was on full display today. These races take a team of people, I am thankful to our staff, and volunteer’s for all the hard work they put in. Trevor is continuing to grow as a racer and I look forward to seeing him standing on the GNCC podium with the JCR/Honda flag in hand for years to come.” — Johnny Campbell ​

Jun 26, 2018 | Motocross, Race Report