Cody Webb wins his 6th King of the Motos Title!

Galfer USA sponsored athlete Cody Webb piloted his FactoryONE Sherco to his 6th King of the Motos title at this year’s Ultra4Racing King of the Hammers extravaganza! We are so proud to have Cody and his FactoryONE Sherco teammates Cooper Abbott, Louise Forsley and Riley Bender in the Galfer USA family! Congrats to Cody and the Sherco team, and now here’s the full recap from Sherco:

It was all smiles in the FactoryONE Sherco paddock this weekend at the King of the Motos. Cody Webb swept the weekends proceedings in the premier class with teammate Cooper Abbott grabbing 5th. Louise Forsley would dominate the Pro Women and up and coming rider Riley Bender winning the A class.

Cody Webb on the 2024 King of the Motos podium

Cody Webb back on top (Photo: Jenny Keller)

The 2024 edition of the King of the Hammers would have the riders compete in a single, but longer format Saturday qualifier followed by a three-lap Sunday main event. Friday rain would make for epic conditions rather than the usual high desert dust. Saturday’s qualifier would have the riders facing a massive rocky vertical ascent. Cody Webb would blast out to the hole shot followed by a host of other riders. A lead group of Webb, Trystan Hart, Ryder Leblond, Will Riorden, Colton Haaker and Cooper Abbott would set a very high pace from the green flag.

Cody Webb racing the 2024 King of the Motos

Cody Webb on Day 1 (Photo: Jenny Keller)

As the riders crested the final hill on lap one, it was four riders with Webb, Hart, Leblond, and Riorden. As they entered the pit, the FactoryONE Sherco team sent Webb out without refueling. This would give him a gap that he would never relinquish. He would finish p1 followed by Hart and Leblond. Cooper Abbott finished p7 for the qualifier.

Cooper Abbott racing the 2024 King of the Motos

Abbott on Saturday (Photo: Jenny Keller)

Late afternoon rain on Saturday would mean the conditions would remain perfect for the Sunday finale. Riders would have their gate pick based on Saturday’s result thus giving Webb the prime pick. He chose wisely as he rocketed to a second holeshot as the riders climbed “Chocolate Thunder.”

“Honestly I was a bit surprised,” said Webb. “I haven’t hole-shotted the weekend ever. I was pretty stoked on that,” continued the ecstatic Webb. “With a three-loop format, I felt like we all knew that we were going to ride together for the first lap or two and then feel it out from there. Yesterday we chose not to fuel because we saw that we were getting amazing fuel mileage thanks to the SmartCarb on my bike. With that, we thought we might be able to skip the last fuel stop which could play into our hands.” concluded Webb.

Webb would lead the top riders into the fuel stop each time, but to the surprise of everyone, he would make a 180 turn and head back out on the course without stopping. The strategy would pay off giving Webb an almost one-minute lead for the third and final loop. While a shorter last lap, it would be the most challenging for the riders.

Cooper Abbott would come to the final fuel stop in p6, almost a minute and a half down to Colton Haaker. In a bold move, FactoryONE president Ron Sallman waived Abbott to keep going. This move also paid off as he was able to reel in Haaker shortly thereafter.

Tensions were high in the Sherco pit as the chase helicopter made it known that the leader was approaching. A thunderous roar came over the crowd as Webb crested the final hill in p1 with only the media in tow. An elated Webb punched the air with his fist taking the win with the same one-minute gap over Trystan Hart and then Ryder Leblond. Cooper Abbott would finish p5 with just enough fuel to spare.

Cody Webb racing the 2024 King of the Motos

Cody Webb leading the pack of Hart and Leblond (Photo: Jenny Keller)

“I had goosebumps the last little bit,” said Webb. “I was feeling so strong all weekend and our pit strategy paid off. The conditions were awesome and I feel like Justin did a great job with the race course this year. I am honestly just so stoked on this win. Trystan and Ryder were riding so great. We would yoyo back and forth but today was my day. I am so happy to be back on top,” concluded Webb.

Louise Forsley on the King of the Motos podium

Louise Forsley p1 Woman (Photo: Jenny Keller)

Louise Forsley made her return to racing. She put in a dominant performance sweeping the weekend as well. In the A class, it was supported rider Riley Bender taking the win.