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Floating CUBIQ® Rotors are here for your Harley Davidson!!!

Floating CUBIQ® Rotors are here for your Harley Davidson!!! When you need the ultimate performance brake rotor for your Harley, you need a Floating CUBIQ® Rotor. Galfer took their 69 years of manufacturing experience, racing knowledge from countless podiums and championships across many disciplines, and then set out to design the highest performing, most advanced motorcycle rotor on the market. The next generation of braking is here!

This all started with using advanced computer software. The engineers looked to nature for added inspiration, what they found was the crystalline structure of stainless-steel molecules. With some fine tuning the CUBIQ® design was starting to take shape. The shape of rotor blade emulates the molecular structure of steel and this gives it added strength and cooling capabilities.

Galfer uses the most advanced manufacturing techniques. A computer-controlled laser precisely cuts out each rotor and carrier. In the interest of maintaining the most strength possible Galfer uses the same virgin 420 Stainless Steel in the carrier like they use for the Rotor Blade itself. Once the parts are cut out, they are all heat treated for their specific application. These Floating CUBIQ® Rotors for a Harley Davidson will need a different heat treatment than the rotors for a 125cc dirt bike. After the heat treatment, the rotors are taken to a parallel dual disc grinder that gets the rotors as flat and as even as possible. This is the same manufacturing process we use on our legendary Wave® Rotor.

These Floating CUBIQ® Motorcycle Rotors have already been used by a top factory team in endurance racing with fantastic results. The Galfer mother factory is located in Barcelona, Spain less than a mile from the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. It has long straights and a variety of corners to really challenge any kind of braking system. They found that the Floating CUBIQ® Rotors had lower average temps than their standard racing rotor, while also being lighter. A lighter rotor means there is less rotational mass and less of a gyroscopic effect from your wheel allowing you to have faster turn ins and better overall motorcycle performance because of the decreased weight.

Even with such a radical design the Floating CUBIQ® Rotors deliver what is expected from a Galfer Rotor, Excellent Lever Feel with Extremely Predictable and Consistent Braking. This is due in large part to the fact that as the rotor spins it maintains a constant and even amount of contact with the brake pad. As the brake pad passes over the holes in the rotor it is losing surface area, but it is gaining it when it slides over the solid pieces in-between. This keeps braking consistent while letting the whole rotor and pad cool evenly.

Jan 28, 2021 | News, Cubiq