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Galfer Rider Spotlight – Jay Clark / DirtBikeTV

Galfer Rider Jay Clark (DirtBikeTV) has worked in the motorsports industry since 1990 and builds some of the baddest dirt bikes, ATVs and UTVs featured in all the magazines and websites you love to read! We caught up with Jay to learn more about his extensive industry background, what he’s up to now, and why he loves working with Galfer brakes!

Jay Clark of Dirt Bike TV/JCE here! I have been in the Motorcycle/ATV industry since 1990. I have worked with great people and I have had a blast. I have been very blessed to work in this industry that allows me to ride and work, many times on the same day. Growing up many kids dream of being a professional in the sport they love. One day you come to realize that you will not be able to be a professional, but maybe working within the sport you love would come close. Even though many times I get tired or frustrated, I always remind myself that “it beats a real job.” I live, work, worship and raise my family (wife and three great kids) in Sun City, California.

Jay and Spencer with their custom 1991 Kawasaki KX500 built for Motocross Action Magazine

I grew up loving motorcycles and my first bike was a 1977 RM80 (in 1980 or so). I liked working on bikes and as a youngster I messed up more stuff than I fixed. I slowly got better at it and added in some machinist training. Then I realized that I also had the wonderful gift of gab. So, I put that technical experience together with some hard work and got into the motorcycle/ATV industry with Wiseco Piston. I worked for them for 12 years and became known as “Wiseco Jay” or “Banner Jay.” Even though I do not work for them anymore, I appreciate the opportunity it gave me.
I am also very grateful to Bob and JoAnne Anderson for all of their support over the years. There is nothing in this world like working hard for people who really appreciate you and your efforts. I will never forget the lessons they taught me. The same goes for Bob Gorman, Mike Burchell, Kinney Jones and countless others. I truly have been blessed. I really enjoy my work and working with the magazines and industry peers every day.
What do I do? I work to get the core companies that I represent good coverage in magazines or other media outlets. This is accomplished through project bikes, tests with editors, track coverage, sponsorships and many other opportunities that come up. I build 15-20 bikes/UTVs/ATVs a year for these various projects and also get good banner coverage up at many of the best SoCal events. I also try to ride at least twice a week. Also, my Son Spencer is getting more involved as well.
I have used Galfer products on many of our builds over the last ten years or so and have been very impressed with the quality and fitment. With the builds I am working on I need “low stress” products to install. I need them to fit with no problems so I can get to finishing the build and back to riding. Galfer does just that while also adding performance with oversized rotors and steel braided lines that we use a lot. We really like the custom color options on the brake lines to help complement the builds we do. We plan to use Galfer on many of our upcoming project builds including my latest 2000 KX125 frame up restoration (more full race bike).
In the last few years, we have gotten more involved on social and so forth. Please check us out on YouTube and other social channels. Instagram: [@dirtbiketv1]( (Jay) & [@dirtbiketv2]( (Spencer) Facebook: Youtube: Website: Email: