Galfer Rider Spotlight – Tucker Speed

Utah-based Tucker Speed is a performance-oriented shop specializing in Harley-Davidsons. So when bagger racing came around, founder Tony Tucker knew they had to get involved! We caught up with Tony to learn more about his shop and their effort in the Bagger Racing League!

Tony Tucker of Tucker Speed here! When I first started my Bagger Racing League bike, I knew that the first priority for everything we would do to the bike would be performance. I wanted to be able to show the bike as my custom build this year, but I knew that it was a race bike first and foremost. When I started looking into brakes, Galfer was at the top of my list and luckily they wanted to jump on board and offered a lot of help and assistance. Their team is top notch.

Fast forward to the inaugural Bagger Racing League race at UMC in June. I had just finished the build the night before and was nervous to hit the track. Needless to say the brakes felt amazing. And honestly I found myself braking a little too early into the corners. The bike was able to stop on a dime. After day one of practice and qualifying going into day two of the race I had 100% confidence in the bike and the brakes to get me stopped. It’s a wild feeling hitting 120 mph down the front stretch and staring down a 180 degree corner at the other end. But even then I knew the brakes would do their job. The East track at UMC is a very technical track with lots of corners which equals lots of braking time. My Galfers never faded and never felt soft through the entire race. I could not have asked for any more from the brakes. They were phenomenal.
I want to give a huge shout out and thank you to the team at Galfer for their support, from the day we started the build to the day of the race where they had technician support there to help us. They really wanted us to do well and helped me achieve my 4th place finish. Could not have done it without them!
You can learn more about Tucker Speed on their website and social channels:
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