Introducing our New Harley CW1 Race Rotor

With the advent of the Bagger Racing League and MotoAmerica’s King of the Baggers series one thing is clear: v-twin racing is here to stay! And with big, heavy bikes hitting the tracks, it’s more important than ever for the teams and riders competing in these series to upgrade their braking systems.

Which is exactly why the Galfer R&D team back in Spain created the new CW1, a 13″ Harley rotor specifically designed for the demands of the Bagger Racing League. With almost 70 years of brake friction technology under our belts and countless racing championships the world over, pushing the limits is exactly what Galfer is all about.


It was a huge honor to be the brakes of choice for many of the competitors in last year’s King of the Baggers race at Laguna Seca! Can’t wait to see how our new CW1 rotors perform this year!

Galfer engineers took the racing rotors used in MotoGP’s Moto2 class and World Superbike and supersized them to to a beefy 13 inches in diameter. The lightweight yet extremely strong race-specific carrier joins to the rotor blad with 10 buttons, and dyno testing showed that these rotors are more than ready for the challenges ahead as the Bagger Racing League kitkcs off their inaugural race at Utah Motorsports Campus June 25-27.
Expect to see top competitors like Rob Carpenter of 1 Wheel Revolution, and Ravi from Savage Powersports competing in the Stunt GP class, which involves a stunt show performance that earns points for each competitor, followed by laps on the track to go bar to bar for the checkers.
Galfer will be represented in the premier Bagger GP class by Speed Merchant, Fueling Parts, Alloy Arts, and Zack Nation – all opting to outfit their race bikes with the best rotors, lines and pads around!
Please note that the CW1 rotors are not currently in production and are not available for sale. Click the link below to find rotors, pads and lines for your motorcycle!