Often Imitated, Never Duplicated: how to watch out for copycat Galfer rotors

In the last year, we have noticed more copycat and lookalike Galfer USA rotors floating around on the internet. In order to save you time, hassle, and heartbreak — we’re here to set you straight.

THIS (above) is a Galfer USA rotor. In recent months, we’ve seen some lookalike rotors popping up on the internet, some even claiming to be Galfer rotors.

In an effort to not only save you the confusion, we also want to clarify to keep you safe.

A Galfer rotor goes through vigorous processes and treatment to get you the high-quality stopping power we are known for. Often times these copycat rotors take the general design of a Galfer rotor, and make it out of cheap materials and low budget processes.

A similar design with low-budget materials and processes WILL NOT deliever the same level of quality as a Galfer rotor. It’s not just the shape, and cut of the rotors that make them great — the processes, testing and materials are also crucial.

Galfer rotors are also backed by our product warranties and the support of our tech department. These lookalike rotors will not have the same warranties and support as an authentic Galfer rotor.

We have been contacted previously by consumers who purchased knockoff rotors seeking assistance for damages or injury caused by catastrophic failures. 

Any rotor that is not made by Galfer, regardless of if it is marketed as a Galfer rotor or looks a lot like one, is not endorsed by Galfer, and we are unable to assist with any technical issues.

We are doing everything we can to put a stop to false advertising and misleading information on imitation Galfer rotors circulating the web.

How do I know if it’s an authentic Galfer rotor?

-If the brand you are purchasing the rotor from is not an authenticated Galfer dealer, it may not be a Galfer rotor.

-Galfer does not sell any products on Ebay, or Amazon. If you purchase from these platforms, it may not be a Galfer rotor.

-If you aren’t sure if the rotor is a Galfer rotor, you are more than welcome to ask a Galfer brake specialist by contacting our technical department. 

Jul 16, 2019 | News, Tech