SOLO MOTO: Q&A with Sandro Milesi

We’ve carried Galfer braking products since we opened our web store in 2004. This is a brand that’s close to our hearts. Galfer brake pads and brake lines have been such an integral part of my sport bike experience that it’s hard to imagine riding without them. From my first sportbike, a 2003 Yamaha YZF-R6, to the 2006 R6 race bike you’ve seen with livery, all my motorcycles have benefited from Galfer products in one way or another. This Q&A with Sandro gives a unique insight into Galfer USA! Read on:

How are you involved with Galfer? Please introduce yourself.

Alessandro Milesi, Galfer Braking Systems, V.P. US Operations

What does Galfer make?

We manufacture brake pads, rotors and brake lines. Our products are manufactured either in Barcelona, Spain or in the USA at our facility in Southern California.

How and when did Galfer start? What’s the origin of the idea?

Galfer was started in 1946 by my grandfather, Maffio Milesi. His primary idea was to provide quality brake components to Italian brake manufacturers in Northern Italy. He eventually moved to Spain and opened the motorcycle division and production facility.

What’s the best selling product line here in the US?

We do well with all 3 families: rotors, pads & lines. Honestly, it depends on what product line you look at as we have much better performing products than others, Off-road or Sportbike, Cruiser and our extensive UTV / ATV product lines.

Any new and exciting upcoming products we can look forward to?

Yes, there are a several new designs as well as an ever growing list of applications set to be unveiled at the AIMExpo in Orlando!!!!!! Everything from our custom Grom race kits to the new and exciting R3 and R1 as well as our expansive V-Twin product line.

What’s in your dream garage?

A Ducati 916 and a Husky 450, each clean & prepped; the Ducati hopefully by my friend Eraldo Ferracci, the Husky by our friends at Husky USA. Also, a big tool box that is only for my use, I hate losing things. Lastly, a refrigerator full of cold beers and a big screen TV to watch the races!

Does Galfer offer a warranty for their products? If so, how does it work?

Every product family has its own warranty: rotors 6 months, brake pads are on a case by case basis and brake lines are lifetime?. There are several people involved with any issues that concern technical or warranties, all starting with a friendly and knowledgeable customer service person who is an avid rider and understands this passion & can relate. We strive to get things resolved in 24hrs: meaning, a solution should be in place or in gear within 24hrs of the problem being brought to our attention.

How does Galfer use feedback from racing partnerships to improve product performance?

Galfer learns from its race teams, and we have a few: MotoGP, SX, MX, MotoAmerica as well as national championships like the CIV or CEV in Italy and Spain… Every team has the obligation to give us feed back, positive and or negative and also they have the obligation to spend time with our technical team doing testing at least 2 or 3 times per year. We take our sponsorship very serious from the giving side to the receiving side, we can only be as good as they make us. The next level of braking can only be achieved by being very analytical and proactive towards new technologies, and definitely not being afraid to try and test…

Anything else to add?

At Galfer we take pride in assuring the very best in our brake components, and leading edge technology to further our research and testing to bring the very best to the people who want more in a quality Performance Brake Company.


Oct 15, 2015 | News

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