Want To Win FREE Tickets to Supercross?


Description of imageKen Roczen #94

Round 2 is just around the corner and Galfer USA is doing something special for this 2023 Supercross. We are giving away two FREE tickets to each round! You heard us right. TWO. FREE. TICKETS. TO. EACH. ROUND! The following locations listed below are eligible to enter to win.

Supercross Locations:

  • Round 2: Must live in the Oakland, CA area.
  • Round 3: Must live in the San Diego, CA area.
  • Round 4: Must live in the Anaheim, CA area.
  • Round 5: Must live in the Houston, TX area.
  • Round 6: Must live in the Tampa, FL area.
  • Round 7: Must live in the Arlington, TX area.
  • Round 8: Must live in the Daytona Beach, FL area.
  • Round 9: Must live in the Indianoplis, IN area.
  • Round 10: Must live in the Detroit, MI area.
  • Round 11: Must live in the Seattle, WA area.
  • Round 12: Must live in the Glendale, AZ area.
  • Round 13: Must live in the Atlanta, GA area.
  • Round 14: Must live in the East Rutherford, NJ area.
  • Round 15: Must live in the Nashville, TN area.
  • Round 16: Must live in the Denver, CO area.
  • Round 17: Must live in the Salt Lake City, UT area.
  • Those wanting to participate in this giveaway must purchase a product from (www.galferusa.com), MUST live in and around the area of one of the rounds listed above, MUST follow us on all social media platforms; Instagram (@gbrakesusa), Facebook (@gbrakesusa), AND must subscribe to our newsletter. For instance, if you live in and around San Diego, CA and check off the criteria stated you’ll be eligible to win two free tickets to Round 3 of Supercross in San Diego, CA.

    Good luck and keep an eye out for the Galfer USA teams!Live Fast, Brake Faster!


Jan 12, 2023 | News, Supercross