Galfer Rider Spotlight – FactoryONE Sherco Racing

Galfer USA is a proud supporter of many of the most talented and high octane race teams in the premier series across the country. One such team is FactoryONE Sherco Racing, a talented team of enduro riders led by former world champion Cody Webb. We caught up with the team to find out more about how this team came together, what kinds of racing accolades they’ve earned to date, and what they are up to in 2022. You can follow them on Instagram @shercousa_official.
Sherco rider Cooper Abbott racing to 3rd place finish at the Grinding Stone Hard Enduro

Hi everybody, we are FactoryONE Sherco Racing, an enduro team led by former EnduroCross, FIM SuperEnduro, Hard Enduro, and Trials National World Champion Cody Webb. FactoryONE Sherco got its start in January of 2020. As a young brand (founded in 1999), people were skeptical about how we could compete against established giants. In our first year of racing, we won the National Enduro title with Grant Baylor, the AMA Hard Enduro Championship with Cody Webb, and the Women’s Hard Enduro Championship with Louise Forsley (she repeated in 2021!). We have worked hard to establish that racing is our number 1 priority. Winning championships and finishing grueling races proves our bikes’ capabilities.
Defending Champ Louise Forsley continues to dominate the Hard Enduro women’s class

Now let’s introduce the team. New to the team this year is Cooper Abbott, who just finished 3rd at the Grinding Stone Hard Enduro in Arizona. He will also contend for the overall in EnduroCross. This was his first Hard Enduro podium in his very young career. Louise Forsley is the 2020 and 2021 AMA Hard Enduro Women’s Champion, and she dominated the first round at Grinding Stone to set her title defense in motion. Keith Curtis just set a new major record in snow climb racing, becoming a 7x King of the Kings. With Sherco, he races 5-7 Hard Enduros a year and is always a top 5 contender. Nick Fahringer is a former go-fast guy turned Hard Enduro rider, and is a crowd favorite just based on his personality.

On the Trials side, we have 12x record setting champ Pat Smage, who has been on Sherco his entire career. Pat also competes in Hard Enduro when the Trials season ends, and the things he can do on two wheels is simply jaw dropping. Brothers Alex and Willem Myers are our other two pros that compete in the AMA Observed Trials. Alex finished a career best 3rd in the championship last year, while Willem is a 16-year-old “bulldog” and competes for top 5 positions at each round. Louise Forsley is a former 6x women’s champ and she competes part time now.
12x Trials Champ Pat Smage proves he’s still one of the best

In these disciplines of motorcycle racing, brake control is of the utmost importance. Galfer brake pads and rotors come stock on our Sherco motorcycles (both Enduro and Trials models), and we trust no one else when it comes to supplying the stopping power. We started this partnership in our second year of racing and we would never use another brand.

Apr 6, 2022 | Galfer Athletes, Offroad

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