Adam Enticknap makes first main event of the season

Round 11 of the 2019 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series got underway this past weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana. The team got its weekend started early Friday morning with press interviews with regional and local media news outlets; in addition to the interviews with news stations, Kyle, Adam and Alex each talked with RaceDay Live. The day concluded at Dreyer Motorsports, where the team received a warm welcome from hundreds of fans. The dealer autograph signing was another success with a huge turnout of happy fans. One major takeaway from this past weekend was Adam Enticknap earning his first Main Event appearance.

Kyle Chisholm #11 – What a night for the seasoned veteran! From missing the Main Event in the Heat Race to a solid race in the LCQ, to an even better 16th place finish in the Main Event. Kyle got off to a solid start with fast lap times early on in the qualifying rounds. In the Heat Race, things were not as easy for Kyle after a rough start he found himself outside looking in. He continued to ride very aggressively and was able to make his way into the Top 10. Unfortunately, he missed the qualifying position by one spot and was forced to ride in the LCQ. In the Last Chance Qualifier, Kyle raced fantastic. He was able to jump into to a qualifying position early on and qualify for the Main Event. In the Main Event, Chisholm did not let up despite not getting the start that he wanted. Kyle continued to push himself, pick off multiple positions, and he found himself in 16th place when he finished the race.

Alex Ray #62 – Rough night for A-Ray, who was very close to making the Main. Early on, Alex looked very good racing assertively in the qualifiers and posting very competitive lap times. Unfortunately, in his Heat Race, he was not able to put it together. After a rough start, he found himself outside the Top 10, he missed the main by three positions in 12th place. In the LCQ, Alex got out to a great start and was inside the Top 10. Eager to jump into a qualifying position, Alex was racing very aggressive; but sadly, he went down in 5th place and found himself as far back as last place. With a qualifying position far out of sight, Alex continued to push himself even though he was falling again along the way. He finished in 19th place missing the Main Event.   

Adam Enticknap #97 – The fan favorite Seven-Deuce-Deuce, who had been running into a bit of bad luck so far this season, was finally able to turn it around in Indianapolis. Eager to get into the Top 20, where he belongs, Enticknap did not waste time making it known. He was looking very smooth and in sync in qualifying rounds, and it was looking like it was going to be a good night. Unfortunately, in his Heat Race, things did not go as expected. With a rough start, Adam found himself outside the Top 15 looking in. Within the next ten minutes, he continued to race very determined. Regrettably, he missed the Main Event by three spots and was forced to race the LCQ. In the Last Chance Qualifier, Adam got a great start and found himself inside the Top 10 with a qualifying position in sight. In the next 5 minutes, Enticknap raced very well and he found himself in 4th place when the checkered flag came out. Qualifying for his first Main Event of the season, Adam gave it his all. He got decent start and found himself as high as 16th place throughout the race. When the 20-minute race was up, he finished in 20th place.

H.E.P. Motorsports is headed back west to Seattle, Washington for the 12th round of the 2019 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series. The team is eager to complete a season-long goal of sending all three riders into the Main Event. After coming very close to accomplishing this goal in Indianapolis, look for Kyle, Alex, and Adam to be in the Main Event this weekend in Seattle.

Mar 19, 2019 | Supercross