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Team Galfer made it down to Rawhyde Adventures’ ZAKAR out side of California City, CA last week and it was flippin’ amazing! 

Around 300 Adventure Bike Riders(Mostly BMW R 1200GSs) from all over the country met up in the heart of the Mojave Desert at the Post Apocalyptic Fortress of ZAKAR to learn and experience “adventure riding”.

The first night we arrived, the rains came pouring in, soaking everything and everyone.  Luckily, we had Galfer1, our tried and true RV.  The brave souls in tents made it through alright though, but we can’t imagine it was much fun.   After a full night of rain, the desert becomes the perfect riding ground, leaving perfect dirt/sand and we all took advantage of that!   The next couple of days were windy but sunny and zero rain!!

Zombie Apocalypse Kompound At Rawhyde.  Jim Hyde, the creator of Rawhyde Adventures and ZAKAR, has quite an imagination.  With a Tower and Turret on one corner of the compound and a Zombie Mural on another, ZAKAR is a step into another world. 

Clinics were set up to educate riders on riding techniques, riding in certain environments, what to do if you’re on the trail and someone gets seriously hurt, how to pack smart and light to how to maintain your braking system.  There were even some attorneys that gave advice on how to handle the insurance companies if you damage your bike off road.  Tons of valuable tips, tricks and information!  

Vendors had booths set up offering information and products to the riders, from riding jackets and gear, dry bags to aftermarket lights and accessories.  There was even a raffle for the riders to win all sorts of products.  Good times indeed!

Galfer’s clinic was “maintaining your braking system”.   We educated folks on how to properly tell if your pads need replacement, or your rotors.  How to clean your brake pads and brake rotors.  Differences between rubber brake lines and steel braided brake lines.  What the differences are between different compounds on pads, differences between OEM rotors and Wave© rotors, solid mount vs full floating.   With lots of interration from the groups, we were able to answer more technical questions as well.  Galfer is here for anyone’s braking system questions, whether they run Galfer products or not, we want to make sure everyone out there is riding safe and sound!

After the clinics were over and we were full from lunch(Rawhyde did a great job on the food!  something different each meal and plenty of flavor and sustenance)  We were all itching to go riding!  Everyone went in small groups seeking their own adventure.   

Rawhyde adventures has been around since 2002 and has continuously grown.  What started as an idea to ride offroad from Los Angeles to Las Vegas through the Mojave desert has mutated(zombie theme) into something really special.  New riders and experienced riders all have something to gain from these clinics and you get to meet all sorts of interesting and enthusiastic riders!  

Special medals were presented to riders that had been going on Rawhyde Adventures for many years.

A special thanks goes out to Jim and Stephanie Hyde and all of their staff for all their hard work in making this happen!!!!  Great Job!!

For all those interested in Rawhyde Adventures, here is the link to their site, and we’ve agreed, it’s definetely worth it!  –

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Feb 26, 2020 | Supercross