How to order Galfer USA custom brake lines

Galfer USA is proud to offer custom brake line building services for hydraulic brake lines hydraulic clutch lines for most motorcycles, (dirtbikes, street bikes, V-twin, cruiser, etc) and ATV/UTV applications.


The custom brake line optio by Galfer USA is perfect for anyone looking to add a little extra length to their OEM brake lines, or someone who is looking for a complete custom set up for their custom ride or their ride that’s consider vintage.


Every Galfer USA brake line is made of 64-strand braided stainless steel. This will be stronger and more effiencent than most OEM rubber brake lines, and will offer no expansion over time and a life time warranty.


If you’re looking to order, ALL custom brake line orders must be placed with a custom order form.Why? All custom brake line orders are non-refundable. In filling out the form, you agree to understand that you are responsible for the lengths, measurements etc. that we will use to build your custom brake line.


We do not accept custom brake line orders over the phone, or via email without the filled out form.


All the form requires is information regarding the measurements and fittings you need for your custom brake line order.


You can find our custom brake line order form by clicking here.


If you need assistance filling out the custom brake line order form, check out this step-by-step video below.



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