Galfer Braking Systems


GalferUSA prides itself on championship proven products that are made for racers and recreational riders alike. Galfer products have ridden their way to a lengthy list of championships, both at the pro and amateur level. Even if you aren’t throwing down fast laps at the track, Galfer’s performance-oriented testing has created reliable products for every ride.

Man In the Box

“Just wanted to say thanks. Over the years you, your team and the Galfer product line have proven to be nothing short of excellent. It’s rare to find not only top shelf products, but also a staff built of such passionate enthusiasts.” – Greg, Man in the Box

Empire Freestyle

We [Nick and Ernie] rely on very accurate braking, so we were looking for a company that had a full line of gear, from rotors to master cylinders. Galfer offers all of that, and we trust our lives to their brakes, as all motorcyclists do. We’ve never had anything but the best of luck with their products. – Nick, Empire Freestyle

Cycle World Magazine

“Rather than purchase another pair of OEM rotors, we ordered a set of Galfer Wave rotors. We’ve raced with Galfer products, and that experience left us with high regard for these Spanish-made pads and steel rotors. Fast, heavy motorcycles need brakes like these.” – Cycle World Magazine

Cary Martynuik – Web Bike World

“I thought the factory Brembo brakes on my Ducati 916 were good, and relatively speaking, I guess they were. The Galfer Wave rotors however, are dramatically better! The difference is apparent immediately, and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for improved braking performance with no performance penalties at all. I can’t wait to get them on the track so I can exploit them to their fullest potential.” – Cary Martynuik, Web Bike World

John “Deemer”

“Hi Galfer. Finaly got around on getting my Bobber done. Here is my assessment on the Galfer Rotors and pads: I like to ride pretty aggressively, and try not to use my brakes until they are needed and work to get my speed calculated (so I have less braking before a sharp corner). The first thing I wasn’t happy with on the Bobber is that the 1st Generation came with a single rotor up front and I like to have 2 rotors when possible. To do a conversion to a dual rotor system would have been way too much money for this project. I went with the Galfer Wave rotors for front and rear and used the Galfer Sintered pads. The bike now feels like I’m using a dual rotor up front. The brakes are now way more predictable and no brake fade like other single rotor bikes I have. I can now ride how I want and didn’t need to pay a lot for money for dual rotors and labor for my Bobber. Thanks! Deemer.”