Galfer USA is proud to offer a wide range of brake pads for motorcycles, ATVS and more. Galfer USA produces several different brake pad compounds for all types of riding styles and uses. With over 60 years of friction material production and research, we have learned that one compound doesnt always do the trick across the board. If you are just looking for an OEM brake pad replacement or a high performance race brake pad, we have you covered!

Semi-Metallic Carbon (1054)

  • Great feel and modulation for OEM brake pad replacement.
  • Long lasting brake pad and very little rotor wear.
  • Good in wet and/or dry conditions.
  • Overall a very versatile brake pad compound for almost every need.
  • Touring, Performance street, Motocross, Enduro, Dual Sport
  • GG Rated.

HH Sintered (1396)

  • For moderately aggressive every day and sport street riding.
  • Advanced ceramic composites ready to withstand higher temperatures than regular semi-metallic carbon brake pads.
  • HH friction-rated compounds deliver excellent feel and modulation.
  • Great heat recovery and easy on rotor discs.
  • Aggressive street, sport touring riding, and heavy bikes.

HH Sintered Ceramic Race Compound (1396R)

  • Designed for the quick temperature changes of Dual Sport riding.
  • Fast recovery from long and heavy brake applications in race conditions.
  • Strong, consistent feel and modulation during the race.
  • Easy on rotors, no excessive material build up or rotor wear.
  • HH rated compound with ceramic and carbon sintered fibers.
  • Race use only, not suitable for street or recreational use.
  • Tested and used by Moto GP and MotoAmerica athletes.