Floatech® Rotor

    The “Floatech®” represents the best example of research and development by Galfer. Laser cut, stainless steel and high carbon content. There is a direct application of competitive technology for any user. Direct replacement system that does not require brackets or any extra parts, it bolts just like a stock disc would.

    • FLOATECH systems for racing disc brakes.
    • Improved thermal brake.
    • Optimised structure left/right.
    • Perfect disc/pad alignment.
    • Less tendency to warp.
    • Maintains cleaner the contact surface pad-disc.
    • Improve and personalize the motorcycle esthetic.



      Who Is GBRAKES?

      GBrakes is the leading manufacturer of performance braking systems for American V-Twin motorcycles. Our racing heritage and experience has trickled down into the development of our premium custom rotors that . . . . .


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      Sea Otter Classic Monterey, CA. April 18-21, 2024

               Mark and the crew headed over to Sea Otter, the largest bicycle gathering in the world! With our Buy One, Get One sale, cyclists were able to check out, test, and purchase our brakes for their rides. The Galfer crew had some time to watch some younger riders...

      2024 Daytona Bike Week Preview

      2024 Daytona Bike Week Preview

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      Performance Braking System & Accessories

      Galfer USA is the leading manufacturer of performance braking systems for the vtwin motorcycle enthusiasts & racers alike. We specialize in creating the high-end components you need to live fast and brake faster.

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